2018 Tsugami 80205 III CNC Swiss Turn (Like New Condition)

$110,000 (USD)

Fort Worth, TX

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2018 Tsugami Model B0205-III
CNC Precision Automatic Lathe
Speed, Accuracy, Rigidity
• 20mm Capacity Swissturn
• Designed For Superior Flexibility
• Electronic Integral Motor Guide Bushing
• Easy Access Tool Zone
• Front & Back Simultaneous Machining
• Chucker Convertible – in Minutes

Chucker Convertible - in Minutes B0205-III Live Backworking Options
Tsugami B0205/B0206 allows you to perform highly complex front and back simultaneous machining, including off-center drilling, off-center tapping, end-milling or cross drilling on the back side by adding Y-axis on the back tool post (B0206). Plus, overlap capabilities mean more work is done internal to the part process. Cycle time can be significantly reduced using the B0206 Y2 axis and its cross and face driven tools.
Your B0205/B0206 features the state of the art Fanuc control for low idle times and high speed cutting. The horizontally opposed gang tool layout offers the shortest path tool to tool and therefore, the quickest possible chip to chip time. The B0206 has Y-axis and live tooling on the sub spindle tool post allowing milling operations traditionally performed on the main spindle to be carried out on the sub spindle internal to the part process. Rounding out the features are integral spindle motors and an integral motor driven bushing for fastest possible acc/dec times and quick C-axis positioning.
At Tsugami, we realize that having the most capable machine available is only part of the requirement. In today’s competitive global environment, your business can change daily.
Standard Four Cross Milling Stations
2x ER16 & 2x ER11 for Increased Productivity

Servo Driven Guide Bushing Abile Part Programming Software Included
Your Tsugami can be changed over in minutes. Adding a Chucker Kit allows you to convert your B0205/B0206 from a traditional sliding headstock Swiss function to standard lathe-type chucker mode. This allows you to run high- precision parts utilizing standard drawn barstock. Other benefits include shorter remnant, better concentricity and more. This quick-change flexibility makes these machines ready to tackle whatever job comes in the door.
The machine features a wide opening door for easy access, right hand configuration, long headstock stroke for easy access to the headstock collet and bushing, easy access to sub spindle tooling, and horizontal tools for ease of setting. Also included as standard equipment is the “Program Check Function” that allows new programs to be quickly and safely proven out.
The B0205/B0206 are built for the long haul. They feature rugged construction, belt free spindles, live tools, and servo driven guide bushing. Tsugami has the most rigid gang tool post in the industry due to opposing rail slide construction. The B0205/B0206 is built on a heavy duty cast iron base, has thermally symmetrical construction and features 0.1 micron resolution. This rigid platform allows for higher speeds and feeds and more accurately finished parts.
For extra peace of mind, the machine, motors, and control are covered by an industry leading two-year parts and service warranty.
BO205-III Tool Zone

Four Cross Mill Station (standard) - 6x Turning Stations
(see below)
4x Static Backworking Stations (standard)
Live Backworking Station
2x Live, 2x Static (optional
Standard Four Cross Milling Stations
2x ER16 & 2x ER11 for Increased Productivity

Four Cross Mill Station (standard) - 6x Turning Stations
(see below)

Working Barstock Diameter ø3 mm (.12 in.) to ø20 mm (.79 in.)
Max. Machining Length 210 mm (8.26 in.) (Rotary Guide Bushing) 45 mm (1.77 in.) (Guide Bushless)
Max. Main Spindle Drilling Diameter ø10 mm (.39 in.)
Max. Main Spindle Tapping Diameter M10
Machining Capacity, Machining Range
Max. Back Spindle Chucking Diameter
Max. Back Spindle Drilling Diameter ø8 mm (.31 in.) ø20 mm (.79 in.)
Max. Back Spindle Tapping Diameter M8
Max. Cross Drilling Diameter ø7 mm (.275 in.)/ER11and ø10 mm (.393 in)/ER16
Max. CrossTapping Diameter M5 x 0.8 (option)
Max. Tool Spindle Slotting Cutter Diameter ø30 mm (1.18 in.)
Max. Back Drilling Diameter ø7 mm (.275 in.)
Max. Back Tapping Diameter M5 M5
Main Spindle Speed 200 to 10,000 min-1
Back Spindle Speed 200 to 12,000 min-1 (10,000 max with ejector rod)
Rotary Guide Bushing Speed 200 to 10,000 min-1:
Direct-drive rotary guide bushing 200 to 8,000 min-1:
Carrier type rotary guide bushing
Tool Spindle Speed 200 to 8,000 min-1 (Option)
Total Tool Storage Capacity (Standard / Max.: Option) 21 / 25
Tool Size .5 in. x .5 in. x 3.35 in.
Rapid Traverse Rate 32 m/min (105 ft/min) [(X1/Y1: 24 m/min (78.74 ft/min)] Y2: 15m/min (49 ft/min)
Controlled axes (linear axes) 5-axis 6-axis
Rotary Axis
Main/Back Spindle Full “C”
Main Spindle 2.2/3.7 kW
Back Spindle 1.5/2.2 kW
Axis 0.5 kW (X1,X2,Y1,Z1,Z2) 0.5 kW (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,Z1,Z2)
Cross Drill
Coolant Pump 0.25 kW 0.75 kW (option)
Lubricating Oil Pump 3W
Net Weight 2,000 kg (4409.25 lbs.) 2,050 kg (4519.48 lbs.)
11 kVA
12 kVA
Power Source Requirement
Compressed Air Requirement 0.4 Mpa or above
Air Discharge Rate 50 NL/min
Coolant Tank Capacity 120 L
Width x Depth x Height 1,655 x 1,125 x 1,700mm (65.16 x 44.29 x 66.93 in.)


Feedrate Override 0 to 150%, 10% step
NC Unit
Controlled Axes X1, Z1, Y1, X2, Z2, C1, C2 X1, Z1, Y1, X2, Y2, Z2, C1, C2
Least Input Increment
Least Command Increment 0.0005 mm (X1/X2 axis in diameter)
0.001 mm (X1/X2 axis in diameter)
Maximum Programmable Value
Interpolation Method Linear/Circular
± 8 digits
Feedrate Function 1 to 6,000 mm/min
ABS/INC Command X, Z, Y, C: Absolute U, W, V, H: Incremental
G04 0 to 99999.999
Tool Offset Pairs Main: 64, Back: 64 99
LCD/MDI 8.4” color LCD 10.4” color LCD
Display Language Japanese/English
800 (main and back in total)
Part Program Storage Size 1 Mbyte (equivalent to 2560m) 64 kbyte
(main and back in total) (equivalent to 80m for each path system)
Registerable Programs 63
Miscellaneous Functions M5 digits
Spindle Function S5 digits
Tool Function T4 digits


Model80205 III